Title: Venice of Africa
Charcoal pencils and graphite pencils on fine linen ( 2 * 2 ft)
A story of Makoko, the pain of Lagos, Nigeria.
Firstly lets not get carried away with the title “Venice of Africa”, and if you are like me then the thought of Venice should conjures up images of beauty, art, and architecture, and definitely not a slum. The only attributes they both have in common is that they were both built and float on water, and are home to a population well into the 200,000 mark.
Makoko in Lagos is a slum neighborhood above the Lagos Lagoon. It has been around for along time dating back to the 18th century, and at that time it was a fishing village.
Makoko is really one of the many sad stories of Lagos, it is seen and not seen all in one glance, an invisible community that many are actually unaware of. It is an extremely poor area, and as can be expected with poverty comes a whole range of social issues, making Makoko a no go area in the mind of the average Lagosian…
Charcoal pencils on Sugar paper
Title: Sensations 2
size: 23 * 29 inches
The magic feel of water when it touches d body elevates an intense sense of relief, calmness, ease of stress, and excitement..
The Guardianship - "In His palms"
Charcoal pencils on cardboard
There are not many relationships more sacred than that between a father and his child.. He chastens his child, and shows that child what the real world is.. but never forgetting the fact that the father still embraces his child with strong warmth even when the child errs amidst in any circumstance, he would still be that guardian angel to the child even in time of troubles. In challenging situations, the child seeks advice, guidance, and refuge from the father.. Same is our relationship with our heavenly Father, our Creator, God Himself.

Charcoal pencil and graphite on cardboard (15*13inches)

Fine array of pure talentA collection of Christian Joe artworks. Christian Joe is a Nigerian, born on 29th, June, 1994. Indigene of Rivers State, Nigeria, he is an artist, he never studied art in any institution, its a natural born talent given to him. Christian first picked up a pencil to draw on 19th, April 2016,thereafter he became even more skillful and unique in his talent.